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11 SEO Tips for Local Business Marketing

Enjoy these tips brought to you by James, our resident Internet guru:

1). When your business website is not getting as many clients as you expected, it is good to tweak your search engine optimization. It is true that there is a variety of ways to drive visitors to your website but search engines remain the traffic kings. Therefore, by improving the search engine optimization of one’s web page is the perfect way to increase the flow of traffic to one’s site. The benefits of improving search engine optimization include increase of overall number of traffic (visitors)Website Traffic to the web page, improvement of one’s page in search engine rankings and increment of site visitors whom are interested in the service and products you are offering.

2). The good thing is that one can do this on your own; here are some of the steps to follow. Search engine optimization mostly depends on choosing the right keyword phrases and better still if one keyword phrase is used properly on the page. Alternatively this can be tasked to a pro such as this Florida SEO expert that we used on a recent project with great results.

3). The perfect keyword phrase is actually a word or a phrase that visitors are specifically searching for, has at least two or three words and should provide a good opportunity for high page rankings. Sometimes the phrases one has used in their pages are not perfect for search engine optimization, and so one has to rewrite them once they figure out of good keywords phrases for their pages.

4). A good way of researching excellent search phrases is to do some research on phrases that people are actually searching for. The keyword search tool will automatically show you the number of people that searched a specific keyword in a month’s time or so. One can turn to Florida SEO who can help with Wordtracker (if it’s still available) to assist in researching keyword phrases even though it’s a paid service, there’s still a free trial which is available. We also have Google AdWords and it offers a number of tools to guide you in finding appropriate keywords.

5). Sometimes when one works on search engine optimization and results are dismal, one will have to rethink and look for another phrase for the page to act as a keyword phrase that visitors will be looking for. The next step is to make sure the keyword phrases are put in the right places of one’s page that is the places where they will be seen by search engines and their spider software.

6). Meta-title; this is the title that shows up at the top of one’s browser window when viewing an online page. Its among the important places for one to put keyword phrase for the SEO because the search engines provides the meta-title with more weight when establishing page rankings. Many clients don’t know that this meta-title offers a good opportunity to repeat ones keyword phrase more than once.

7). When one is performing search engine optimization, let them grow a habit of repeating the keyword by making use of a structure to form the meta-title. Also one should not use punctuations in the meta-title apart from hyphen.

8). The headline, also referred to as title is the other most important area to put one’s keyword phrases for better SEO. This is also another way of cluing the search engine spiders and human readers of what the page is all about.

9). Another way is by putting one’s keyword phrase in the page’s meta description. This is important because it completes the notification portion of the webpage. That informs search engine spiders all about your page. A number of search engine make use of one’s page’s meta-description to describe one’s page on the search lists.

10). Writing a page’s meta-description can also be another challenge, for a better search optimization, the keyword must be included several times, and should be written in an enticing way to attract the browsers of search engine listings. Make it clear because in so doing, you are likely to attract many visitors to your page.

11). The last thing is one can actively solicit links to the web page from webmasters of similar sites as this will improve one’s page’s SEO. Link popularity is a vital component of search engine page ranking. The better the quality of an incoming link is, the more it will assist one’s page rank.
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