Health and Wellness at 64: Greg Walker


  1. Super inspirational video. I hope to be in that shape when I’m 64. Then I
    can be sorry to be an inspiration to people 30 – 40 years younger too. lol

  2. This guy is the nicest humbled man i have met in the Crossfit community.
    Met him at a regionals event in 2010

  3. I wodded at his box 3 times in early May! Great guy, humble, polite, and
    welcoming. If you get to Tucson you have to stop in. Greg you are

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  5. That’s great to see! I felt particularly bad about myself when I saw how
    easy he made climbing the rope look!

  6. carlito not every one is as strong as u even these old guys are stronger
    then certain people i best ur a weak fag ur self do u even lift i bet ur a
    ill bitch that can’t lift

  7. Great chat Greg, so much fun to play at the Games with you, a privilege to
    run in that last 100 with you. Hope to see you again soon

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