Health & Wellness: “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” Film


  1. 18.27 the girl said to never juice broccoli but actually you can. I do in
    every one of my green juices and it works just fine. Steaming it might be
    better but you can juice broccoli. Like I said I do it for just about every
    one of my green juices with no problem and it tastes just fine.

  2. Slow rotating masticating juicers are the best. Not the one he has got.
    Check out: The Norwalk Juicer which squeezes out the juice by supplying 2
    tons pressure on the vegetables, Angel twin gear masticating juicer, Green
    Star Elite twin gear, Omega single gear.

  3. Joe, You are tremendously inSPURational! “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” Film
    is a primary motivator; working wonders for 1, 2 or teams of folks who
    desire to live a more healthy, happy life! Thanks to ANCalerts! God Bless!

  4. Will start tomorrow 21/07 just bought my juicer …watch me on my channel
    to see the results

  5. I started my Juicing yesterday, its hard going but I know in a few days I
    will be adjusting and feeling much better for it 🙂

  6. Yes the first four days are hard, but once you get threw it the first time,
    when you decide to do another 60 days it will be easier, hang in there, and
    drink lots of water.

  7. How many a day ? And its only one kind? Or different type of juice I been
    doing only the mean green juice for one week and I’m tired of it.

  8. I saw this on youtube and find it interesting good stuff…thought I might
    share it!

  9. I saw this on youtube and find it interesting good stuff…thought I might
    share it!

  10. I have juiced for 65 days, lost 30 pounds, off all my diabetic meds and
    lowered my cholesterol from 419 to 240 within 2 weeks. 

  11. the breville juice fountain plus is available at bed bath and beyond is the
    juicer joe uses and also i use it’s the best juicer on earth 

  12. dear Just now I read side effect of
    beets which Scared me,Plzz do Tell me Isnt it
    good to eat cooked Vegetables then raw?Because
    We cannot play with our health and kids and
    secondly every person wont get Organic
    vegetables and fruits and using pesticides cleaner
    on vegegables Is again chemical and Drinking Cold
    Juices Because U said We have to store it in
    fridge Will make us more unhealthy Because Of
    Cold,Cough etc problem and mucus
    formation,Benifit of Boiled vegetables or juicing i

  13. she really doesn’t know anything about eating!!!! “Do you still need to
    take your vitamins???” whaaaaaaaaat!!!???

  14. Joe seems to be a really swell guy . He talks to everyone and seems really
    passionate about what he does . He made a really good documentary ! 

  15. In Metro Manlla????????????????????????????????

    Oh, I love him!

  16. I do 18 euros a week! I buy 5 to 10 kgs of apples and 5 kgs of carrots at
    Hellebos, Tielt! Juice it the whole week, and some oher fruts and
    vegetables for 20 ueros, and this is it!

  17. what i want to know is how many times a day i have to drink?????or just
    once a day???

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