Keys to Health & Wellness – A Holistic Approach!


  1. I really enjoy your unique story telling skills. You are beeming out health
    and balance for all to be inspired by. Thank you! Peace! One Love

  2. You have some real fascinating thoughts, Brother. We are truly indeed what
    we eat, see, hear and what comes in via intuition. We are what we
    digest….. Thanks for all your educational vids!! Keep up the good work!!!
    Positive Emotions Activate Constructive Energy >>>>> PEACE!!!

  3. Eating Through My Eyes, My Eyes, What Vibrations In Our Heart Space…aka
    watch what you absorb. Thank you Thank you. Wise Words in the Morning 🙂

  4. Abundant joy to you. Thank you for sharing and shining yours upon the

  5. i am so loving this man ! tell me, i know you have a lot more to say, is
    there anything on this earth you have not thought about ? lol ! thank-you
    for sharing.

  6. My lil nephew was fast asleep while watching you..he started drifting like
    he was a small boat entering a “Vortex of Deep Infinite Waters”..peace~

  7. Well explained and direct to the point opinion, you are very knowledgeable
    on it, Keep it up!

  8. I love the way you bring a message and condense it into just a few minutes.
    This is a good tool because if you put it out there…. say 30 mins at a
    time, many would be in confusion. Although there are some who could absorb
    that much information in a single download, you might well have many
    questions. A single thought given and absorbed helps people awaken slowly.

  9. I totally agree with what you said in this video. Like my teacher used to
    say to us a while ago, “Garbage in, garbage out.” What we intake is so
    important. Keep making more videos. You speak the truth and you speak it
    well. Your smile radiates and makes this an enjoyable video to watch.

  10. Alot of people actually enjoy being ill as they get attention this way.
    It’s alot easier to do the wrong thing than the right thing. People’s
    energies have been sucked from them to make them have no willpower.

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