Sleep: The Forgotten Key to Health and Wellness


  1. Very well explained! I always sleep, when I have a chance. But in my line
    of work sometimes , it’s unavoidable, to work a lot and sleep less..

  2. for some reason i cant dose off anymore, i get up in the middle of the
    night several times of night almost every hour, i end up getting only 3 or
    less hours to sleep and wake up groggy like hell for some reason its been
    going on for weeks now,also when i shut my eyes to (sleep)i noticed before
    i even am sleeping i go right away into a dream and that scares me, anyone
    have any thoughts

  3. Look up Bob Beck brain tuner. The whole science of electrotherapy was
    widespread in the medical literature in the 1980s. Pete Townsend was
    famously cured of heroin addiction using a very rudimentary device. There
    is a lot of information about this on the net. Search “bob beck brain
    tuner” here on youtube there is some useful information including where the
    device can be bought, and a talk summarising the research by Beck himself.
    Disclosure: Used one insomnia gone! Less than 1 month!

  4. Three hours? 1. Check sleep hygiene. Quiet room, no TV, no stimulants, no
    light, emotional calm. 2. Snoring or apnea, does someone watch you when you
    sleep. I used to snore, didn’t find out until I roomed with someone on a
    cycling training camp, very embarrassing. 3. Emotional trauma can set it
    off. I used a brain tuner to cure mine. Small electrical device, thoroughly
    researched, safe, used since 1980’s. Look up “Bobo Beck Brain Tuner” on
    Youtube or Google.

  5. Knowing the reason is less important than knowing what to do about it.
    Basic sleep hygiene is important. Dealing with emotional issues helps too.
    Watch the video a few times, it has some great ideas.

  6. This should be a required class in every public school. Why does the
    Western World have such a dismissive attitude toward the importance of

  7. Sorry, but this does not address living longer and better, the Dr mentions
    various sleeping tablets and Ramelton a melatonin analogue that is “17
    times stronger than melatonin”, and is not addictive, failing to mention it
    can cause these side effects; decreased sex drives • difficulty swallowing
    • hallucinations • irregular heartbeat • memory problems • mood changes •
    depression • fertility problems • suicidal thoughts, real melatonin is an
    antioxidant! it might help you live longer!

  8. So it affects everybody? I wonder if half also suffer from psychosis like
    me. Well must not, if they can hold a job, school, relationships, raise
    families, etc. Or maybe that’s why we see some unstable parents shoot their
    partner and kids. But in the end I could care less about the psychosis, I’d
    rather be psychotic but not feel tired. Feelings tired is worst then
    psychosis. At least for me.

  9. Dr. Hughes, I am shocked that you did not spend any time on how important
    a good sleep system (mattress and life style foundation) is for a good
    nights sleep. You might do some research and add that to your presentation
    if you want to be a true expert on sleep. As you say you spend 1/3 of your
    life sleeping. Wouldn’t it help to be on a good mattress.

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