Health And Wellness With Ionized Water!!!


  1. @OctoBox FUCK (sorry to startle But is there anywhere that the
    kangen water is unadulterated?

  2. People don’t understand the benefits of having an alkaline ph. You are
    alkaline when you are born. The food and drink we put in our bodies make us
    acid ph, where sickness and disease can thrive. We understand ph when it
    comes to pools, but have not been taught the importance for peak health.

  3. I have an Enagic Jr II and a SD 501, This is the best investment I could
    have made in my health. My asthma is finally under control and the blood
    pressure is normal!!

  4. @ediddy1111 Actually they lost their rating and are getting tons of
    complaints as people are figuring out what a scam this product is. If they
    would ever put in writing that their machine makes water alkaline, they
    would be put out of business. The make “ionized water” which is water with
    sodium hydroxide caused by electric current reacting with the salts in the
    water as water is unchanged by the process. Sodium hydroxide is not healthy
    to drink and Kangen is a flat out fraud!

  5. @k2zepplin156 I’m reading the BBB complaints right now and there’s one. One
    complaint within the last three years with problems with the
    product/service. Anywhere else you know that i’m not seeing please reply.

  6. @k2zepplin156 No I see them now. there’s 23 all together. And pretty much
    its not the product as much as the customer service and correspondence. Are
    you required to give them your bank account?

  7. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just put a little baking soda into purified water
    and get alkanized water that way?

  8. This IS THE BEST PRODUCT Out There.. Water Speaks for It’s self;) This
    Negative Person is Prob a Competitor that Is about to Shut down…..

  9. I’d just love to slap that guy at the end. Wouldn’t you? Then shove that
    Kangen hose up his ass.

  10. LOL! You all think we’re trying to sell stuff like you. Why doesn’t the
    manufacturer Enagic make the same outrageous and unscientific claims your
    salespeople make. Go to now and look. The only thing I could
    find about the water on their website is that it can be used for cooking,
    cleaning, beauty, and that it is healthy because of added minerals. Federal
    regulations bar manufacturers from false advertising so they get salesmen
    on the street to lie and sell the machines for them.

  11. “As far as acidity goes, distilled water is close to a neutral pH and has
    no effect on the body’s acid/base balance. Distilled water is safe to
    drink, and the kind of water I use myself.” – Andrew Weil Do you think he
    would be supportive of this Kangen water idea? Check out Andrew Norton
    Webber’s “Cocreating God With Unlimited Power” on YouTube, along with David
    Wilcock’s “The Source Field Investigations”.

  12. Thanks for your comment, but you should do a little more digging on the
    subject. Let me know if you’d like more info!

  13. You said that, “Dr. Weil chooses not to recognize the power of alkaline
    water”. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that he has written
    articles about how Kangen water is a scam. Dr. Weil may promote “high
    dollar home appliances,” but the fact is that this video makes it appear as
    if he promotes Kangen water when, in fact, he does not. The uploader is
    dishonest and cowardly, and so are you from steering the conversation away
    from my most important point: Weil doesn’t promote Kangen!!!

  14. *typo correction: The uploader is dishonest and cowardly, and so are you
    FOR steering the conversation away from my most important point: Weil
    doesn’t promote Kangen!!!

  15. This is a money making scam. Fear mongering and Its all placebo! Some
    people are just going to get cancer whether they are totally alkaline or
    mildly acidic. Some people are hugely acidic and never get cancer because
    they handle acidity better than others. Nice try, guys. 

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