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  1. Oh yes there is a live chat Today at 5PM, CST 6/26/2014.
    Tune in here Live Chat with Dr. Bellonzi – Health, Fitness, Wellness, kids

  2. In your opinion what is the best method for cooking eggs to get the best of
    the nutrients available, without consuming them raw?

  3. How to deal with bullying as a prominent issue which is impeding on your
    wellness as an individual. Do you have any suggestions for anyone who is
    being badly bullied everyday.

  4. What would be good exercises for someone to do after not exercising for a
    long time. I have been sitting down too much with study and as a result I
    am struggling to get back into exercising.

  5. 5’2″ 33yr F, lost 55lbs in one year, 135bs now, eating clean, and exercise,
    whats the optimum body fat% is safe?

  6. I agree…there are nice people on every spectrum…but I still believe
    there is no “bad” person, only lost or confused about something going on in

  7. Would stress in your mind have a possible negative affect on the healing of
    injuries due to more symphathetic dominance?

  8. yipes hr is almost up lol thanks dr for answering all the questions yay
    hope you have a good weekend

  9. Can you share the links or articles for the study on the benefits of
    physical activity and autism? It sounds interesting!

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