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  1. is it normal for me to feel sick if i eat or drink as soon as i wake up e.g

  2. Re: Breakfast – I believe it depends on the individual. If you are hungry,
    eat. If you are not hungry, don’t eat.

  3. Thanks Dr. I fired my drug dealer. I’m trying my best to function without
    medications suggested by MDs.

  4. Is there a limit as to how much fiber you can eat in a day, some days I
    find myself eating 40 grams a day, is this bad?

  5. I have a 2 hour A level exam tomorrow morning. what should i eat before

  6. Sometimes I wish I lived in Austin, TX. I would love to see the people
    posting on ‘psychetruth’.

  7. I sweat excessively and I have used several antiperspirents but no
    luck…what would you suggest I do next ?

  8. Hey! I’m struggling to motivate myself to exercise. I have foot problems
    being operated on which makes many types of exercise painful. Any advice?

  9. hello there .. what are ur thoughts about multivitamins “the ones u get
    from bodybuilding supplements ” is it necessary for resistance training ?
    or is eating lots of vegatables adn fruits good enough

  10. Hi Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, can gum disease or receding gums be due to diet? I
    haven’t changed my dental hygiene and its always pretty good with no
    problems. But I have recently lowered carbs and introduced higher good fats
    in my diet and now my gums are inflamed and my gums are receding. Is there
    a herb or natural remedy to fix this?

  11. I do like endocrinology – the basis of a lot of disease.
    Have you ever used oregano oil for flu/colds/sore throat?
    Mindfulness meditation is good for resolving suicidal/depressive thoughts.

  12. you are an awesome person.. i would love to talk to you personaly =)

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