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  1. This semester I’m taking A&PI, Gen Chem and Human Development. I’m already
    reading my A&P book! lol I finished up Medical Math, and did very well, but
    as I went along, I made up flash cards because I knew our final would be
    over the whole semester, and those cards kept me fresh. Everyday I’d take
    15 min and go through them, so I didn’t really forget how to do something.
    I’ll keep up with them because we will also have quizes throughout
    clinicals (once I get there). We have to pass with an 85%. I

  2. @Funkyfunand40 us too every semester we have a dosage calculation we have
    to make an 85% or better the 1st time or a 90% or better the 2nd time, or
    we fail clinical and thus the course!! I taking developmental psychology,
    nursing research (pain iin the bunz, b/c it’s a bs course), and med-surg
    1!! I’m studying for med-surg 1 b/c it is the hardest class in our nursing
    program!! The professor makes questions for the NCLEX so you can imagine
    the tests!!

  3. @DivinelyOriginal Med surg is a BEAST I have seen people with a 4.0 get a C
    so make sure you study HARD!!!!!!! It’s so good to hear how you guys are
    doing with your studies.

  4. Yayyy, I love hearing how excited you are. Sounds like you’re a hands on
    person which is great for becoming a nurse! Good Luck and continue to study
    hard! Happy Holidays! (◠‿◠) Kokofemme

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